XFINITY Stream App Reviews

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Uploads the wrong episodes

I loved the app until they uploaded the wrong episode of Hard Knocks. You guys uploaded episode 1 twice and still didnt fix it. Who does that?

Constant problems, Garbage App

I never had problems with TV to GO but this app is awful. You can not watch anything with it. It freezes, skips, and crashes. It will take you 3 hours to watch a one hour show IF you are able to watch the whole show. And it wont allow to watch any good shows, that you pay for. That would make too much sense.

Absolutely garbage

This app freezes as soon as it opens and does not unfreeze half the time it crashes anyway too


Works 50% of the time!!! Frustrating!!!

Still waiting for return of "watched" indication

Please fix this! It worked fine before. Now there is no indication that a show has been previously watched!! Also, why are the USA network NCIS LA episodes listed as "at home" all of a sudden. They never used to be. Plus, I am on my home network, but still am unable to watch them. What gives? Come on Comcast, fix this app! I guess there is always the USA network app for those episodes. Ugh!!!

Horrible update!

Since the last update, the app constantly freezes up. It takes 5-12 tries just to get it to start running. Id give this zero stars if the rating allowed it.

Parts are good but limits your downloads

For some arbitrary reason they limit the number of recordings you can download to your device to 10 at one time. You have to "Return" the recordings to them before downloading any more, unlike, say Tivo, where the number of recordings you can download is only limited by the memory capacity of your device. Im getting ready to take a long flight and then a cruise so will probably watch all those 10 shows just on the flight to get there. Fix this!


I can watch on the go (which is the whole point of the app). I can watch episodes that I missed, because I am normally busy. Sometimes I get so into binge watching shows on my iPad or iPhone they both just die,because I didnt even bother to plug my phone up when the 20% reminder popped up? 100% suggest this app??

dis app

u guys offered cable which we agree but all are in #go channels which i wont pay useless app.

So glitchy

Please fix!!!

Wonderful app

I am currently in grad school and dont have much time to watch tv during down time because I am always on the go. However because of this app, regardless of where I may be, if I have a little time to spare, I can pull up any of my recorded shows, at anytime and watch. I have truly enjoyed the convenience of having television at my finger tips.


Latest update causing nothing but problems. Freezes up EVERY TIME I start the app. Nothing responds. Loses sound in the middle of running. Good job.


Jus do it... all the cool people are doing it.. hit download

Still waiting for return of "watched" indication

Please fix this! It worked fine before. Now there is no indication that a show has been previously watched!!

Cant Stream Root Sports

I pay for a Comcast service that includes Root Sports so I can watch Seattle Mariners games. So why cant I stream that channel to my iPad via the Xfinity wifi in my home? Whats the point of streaming if I cant watch what I want to see and am paying for?

Its been years now, still trash.

I got this app when they shut down their good app and switched over to this one, I still miss the old one. I have spent the last 40 minutes trying to watch an episode of Rick and Morty and it just keeps freezing, or loading for so long that my phone turns off. These are problems that have been going on since day one and it doesnt seem like theyll ever fix them. Developers I see you can respond to reviews tell me, why havent these problems been fixed?

The app wont even open

I cant even open the app.. Ive deleted the app several times

Never used from day one

So bad that I never use it. Useless app. Do not download it and waste your time.

Commercials played in the wrong time slots

After the most recent update, the commercials (on Bravo) would play in the middle of the show instead of during the actual commercial break. This means after the commercials are played, the show gets cut off total 6-7 minutes content...really annoying. Can you fix it asap? Thanks.


Freezes every 30 seconds for five seconds....not worth having!

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